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This fabric offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance free long life performance. Shade Sails Direct are authorised distributors of the SailShadeWorld range of sunsail products. The custom range has recently been expanded to include a fire retardant option, manufactured from 295 g/m2 shade cloth produced by Gale Pacific under the SAFRSHADE trade mark. For supplies of SailShadeWorld products in the European market checkout this website – click here for the French market and sonnensegel-direkt.”

The new products are manufactured from a a high quality, heavy duty knitted (Fire Rated) shade cloth specifically developed as a very strong and stable outdoor fabric for use in tension structures and shade sails. These products include sail shades in standard sizes and colors as well as a made to measure custom range.

Marketing manager Dan Murray explains the rationale behind the new products:

“When we launched our custom made range of shade sails last year we saw a big increase in sales by satisfying the needs of customers who wanted to use a sunsail but who simply couldn’t fit our standard size products into the available space. Provides ideal shade solutions for commercial applications with fire rating requirements.

Shade Sails Direct are based in Illinois and offer deliveries throughout the US and Canada.

Key points:
– 295 g/m2 shade cloth – China IFR Hospital Curtain Fabrics Manufacturers Gale Pacific SAFRSHADEâ„¢
– UV block up to 95%
– California Fire Marshal approved
– Available in 9 different colours
– Engineered in Australia

Shade Sails Direct is owned by French Vie Ltd – a UK registered company. At the same time we started to receive enquiries, usually from professional clients such as hotel and restaurant owners, asking about the fire retardant qualities of our shade sails. The new fire resistant shade sails will also be offered in these markets. It was to meet this new and unexpected demand that we introduced the new product, which is already selling well. The fire retardant products are manufactured in 9 colours to compliment architectural trends and enhance existing structures.


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